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James Wolfe



  • After I created and launched a website using AWS I started a new project in Azure, with new services like the data storage container, metrics service, and subscription plan allowing me to develop new technical skills.

  • Stored respective index.html file in the data storage container and used the storage account as a publishing service for a static website.

  • The metrics services allowed me to monitor capacity and transaction use, the cost analystics service showed the cost of the storage account, this feedback helped give insight on the website.

  • All respective files are updated and maintained in GitHub through Git.

  • Skills

    Data Storage Container

    Azure Resources

    Metric Service

    Cost Analysis Service

    HTML, CSS, and Java-Script




    Year Title Where
    2020-2023 AWS Cloud Practitioner AWS
    2022 Linux Administration Bootcamp Udemy
    2022 Agile Scrum Fundamentals Udemy


    Computer Science, Northern Virginia Community College

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